9 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men

Getting gifts for men is always a hard task, especially if when you ask them what they’d fancy you receive “nothing” as an answer. Most men are also quite basic and tend to already have everything that they ‘need’. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, here is a comprehensive list of gifts that any man would appreciate and use.

Here are 9 ideas to consider your man’s Valentine’s Day gift:

1) Gaming chair

If your man is a gamer and doesn’t have the right set up, this is a great opportunity for you to gift him with a gaming chair! Rather than being slouched over or sitting somewhere, a gaming chair will support his posture and make this activity way more comfortable.

2) Cool band t-shirt

A cool band t-shirt for one of his favorites is always a good idea! He can wear it around the house or out during the day, and it’s a gift that also shows you’re tuning into his favorites.

3) A new watch

A new watch is always a great gift idea. And if he already has some favorites in his rotation, figure out what would be a great add to his collection and gift him with that! For a sleek option, check out the Roger Dubuis watches, a Swiss watch manufacturer known for its luxury watches.

4) Swiss army knife

A Swiss army knife is a great item for everyone to have, because it is multi-functional. It is a great emergency tool, and if he likes to hike and explore it is also a must to have.

5) Portable charger

You never know when you’ll need a portable charger, and if he doesn’t already have one this makes for a great gift! Whether it is a basic one that he can plug

6) Massage gun

A massage gun is a tool that can make all the difference in terms of body relaxation. If, for example, your partner is really into working out or spends a lot of time at a desk, a massage gun can help to relax the body and the muscles recover.

7) Bluetooth speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is an essential item. Bonus points if it connects to other Bluetooth speakers and it is easy to travel with. It is a game changer for listening to podcasts, music, etc. rather than listening on a phone or computer.

8) A Lego set

A Lego set is something that many people talk about as a memory for childhood, and there are many LEGO sets made for adults that make for a great gift! It’s something different and leads to something nostalgic and fun.

9) Whisky glasses

If your man likes whisky, and honestly even if he doesn’t, a set of whisky glasses is essential. There is something special about being able to enjoy a glass of whisky or serve a glass of a whisky in a proper glass.

Do you have any other ideas to add to this list?

*This is a collaborative post.

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