Chicco ComfyFit Baby Carrier Review

We've been trying out a new baby carrier and wanted to let you all know how we got on. I've always loved the idea of baby wearing but have never really been one to pursue it. We tried it once on a long walk when Alyssia was a baby and the carrier we had didn't fit me very well, it was a basic clip and go. However with Isabelle I've been more determined to give baby wearing a go. Taking the pram everywhere when you've got two children can sometimes be a little bit of a pain so having a baby carrier seemed to be the best option, especially for quick walks. I tried out a baby sling in the early days given to me by a friend who knew I was struggling. Having a clingy baby that won't be put down is incredibly hard, especially when you have two children. I found that Isabelle wanted to always be close to me in the early days so a sling was my life saviour just so I could get a few bits done around the house.

Isabelle is 7 months old now so we have been using the Chicco Comfyfit Baby Carrier in the forward facing position, but of course you can use it both ways depending on the size and age of your baby. Chicco have been around for years and are probably most known for their next to me crib, but this baby carrier is one of their newest offerings. The Chicco comfyfit can be put on in just a few easy steps. You clip it around your waist, put your arms half through and put baby in the carrier, pull the straps up over your arms, cross it over at the back and then cross it at the front and then double tie it to one side. Much easier and quicker than trying to do some kind of origami fold with a long piece of sling material. I found a good tutorial on how to put the baby carrier on here. At first I did find it quite difficult to put on by myself but the more I've practised the better I am at it. It's a one size fits all carrier making it easy to transfer between parents (or anybody who wants to carry the baby). It is in fact a comfy fit and is made with a soft material which is also machine washable; this is great as Isabelle is well known for dribbling, as you can see.


Isabelle seems to love it, she enjoys looking out at the world and I love that it has a little zip pocket underneath that you can keep your phone in whilst out and about. I also love the look of this baby carrier and for the price (£34.99 on Amazon) I think its a great baby carrier, however for me I did find that it caused my back to ache even after a short period of time. The baby carrier is for babies from 8lb to 35lbs. Isabelle is 7 months old and weighs around 15lbs so I can't imagine we'll be using it for too much longer. Though I have also found this with other baby carriers so it could be down to my particular body. My advice would be to try out some baby carriers in the shop before you buy them so that you know which one will be right for you and your baby.

Overall, I do love this baby carrier and it is one of the best ones I have tried. I think if your plan is to baby wear for just a few months at the start, this would be ideal. I can imagine a smaller baby would look nice and snug in here and would be much easier to carry around. I wish I had used a baby carrier in the earlier days as Isabelle is growing up so fast. As I said above I love the added pocket feature and that it also has clips. It doesn't look like your standard baby carrier and the material is lovely and soft. You can read more about the Chicco ComfyFit baby carrier here.



*Disclosure: We were sent this baby carrier for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and of my own.

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