The Differences Between Amber Teething Necklaces

When I first heard about amber teething necklaces, I thought they were all the same. I found one at the store that I usually shop at, put it on my baby and after two weeks, I took it off disappointed. I had read online that many mothers had used it with success, so I had no idea why it wasn’t working for my baby. I ended up asking my friend what she thought, and she immediately told me the necklace I used was fake.

Fake?! “Yes, it’s fake. It’s not real amber,” she said. So, I naturally asked her “how do you know if a necklace is real?!” She informed me that amber is fossilised tree resin. It’s produced in many countries, but the Baltic regions have the best amber. Quality is determined by the potency of the Succinic Acid inside the amber. Places like Lithuania have the highest potency, which is why she always gets her necklaces from a business called Baltic Wonder. They source their amber beads from Lithuania and send a certificate of authenticity with every single one which is pretty cool.

Is it worth it?

Even though I was sceptical about buying another necklace, I decided it was worth a try. My baby was still miserable because she was cutting so many teeth, and nothing seemed to be working. Teething rings didn’t work either. I was desperate. I ended up ordering the necklace from the website that my friend had told me about and in just three days I had it in my mailbox. I immediately put it around my baby’s neck and prayed to God that it would work. As much as I didn’t want to take it off at night, I couldn’t keep it on her due to it being a strangulation hazard.

In just four days, I started to see a difference. She wasn’t as fussy as she was before it, and her fever was gone. She didn’t have swollen gums anymore and she was eating better. I was so happy, and so was she! It’s been about a year now, and she still wears it every day. She’s cut many more teeth since she started wearing the necklace and has never had any problems with it. I really do believe in the Baltic necklace, and hope that other mothers give it a try.

What Makes It Work?

Amber has Succinic Acid, which is a natural substance found in the body. It’s found in whole wheat bread, barley, cheese, milk, and many other foods. Since babies under 6 months can’t eat those foods, an amber necklace is a great alternative.

When worn against the skin, the beads become warm and the treatment oil seeps out of it onto the skin. It then goes into the bloodstream to head to the areas where it will help treat whatever the issue is at the time. It’s amazing!

People in Europe and the Middle East have used amber for centuries to treat many illnesses and ailments. Everything from the flu to arthritis. Mothers now use it because of all the benefits it has for teething and immune system functioning. Go ahead and research Baltic amber, so you get the best quality amber teething necklace. I’m glad I gave it another try, and so is my baby.

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