From a Toddler Bed to a Big Girl Bed with Noa & Nani.

When our eldest daughter turned three years old, we decided it was time to move her from her toddler bed to a new “big girl bed”. With Alyssias bedroom being quite small and knowing that her baby sisters cot needed to fit in there too, we were looking for ways to save space. At first I was looking at Cabin beds with storage but was worried about the height of them and even a low sleeper seemed quite high in comparison to a toddler bed. I then came across a family furniture company Noa & Nani, who sent us their Eva Day Bed. It is BEAUTIFUL and I love that it has underbed storage. Seeing Alyssia in her big girl bed absolutely melted my heart the first night. She looked so tiny in such a big bed but now we’re getting used to it and she loves all the extra space. The Eva Day bed requires a 200 x 90cm mattress, we bought ours from Amazon as they had a good offer on alongside a mattress protector and she has never slept better. She is still talking about her new big girl bed weeks later so it has been a massive hit.

We had to have a little move around in the bedroom to make it all fit but it fits perfectly across the back wall with Isabelles cot right opposite. Building it was a little bit of a mission, the hardest part was the balancing act we had to do between us, but once we realised what we were doing we managed to get it up in just over 2 hours which I think is pretty good going. I love the shape of the Eva Day bed, I think it looks much nicer than the average single bed. I like that the painting on it is hand done too which makes it look a little bit shabby chic. If you know me you’ll know I love shabby chic furniture.

My favourite part of the bed is the big drawer underneath, you can fit a fair amount of toys in and thats exactly what we needed it for. The only downside is that because we have vinyl flooring and the drawer / shelf unit isn’t attached to the bed, it does slide too far backwards at times. This can be prevented by putting things under the bed behind it though and if we had carpet I think it would be a different story. The girls bedroom looks completely different to what it did before, it was a little bit of a dumping ground with no storage and frankly not much space before but now that Alyssia has a new big girl bed, Isabelle has her cot in there and we’ve bought a big chest of drawers, it looks like a proper little girls bedroom in fact I’d say its now my favourite room out of them all. Every night before bed we put the stars projector on, get into bed together and read a bedtime story, its so special. I’d definitely recommend having a look on the Noa & Nani website if you’re looking for decent quality furniture. The customer service received was also absolutely fantastic.

*the Eva Day bed was kindly gifted to us by noa & nani in return for an honest review.

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