Home DIY Projects That Will Make Your Property Look Extraordinary

*This is a collaborative post.

If you’re a DIYer, you love the idea of tinkering around with your home and making it look the best that it can possibly be. Not only does “doing it yourself” save you money, but it also helps you get exactly what you want as well. 

In this post, we take a look at some home DIY projects that will make your property look extraordinary. Check them out below: 

Paint Your Front Door A Lucky Colour

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If you’ve ever studied the most stylish homes, you’ll have noticed that they tend to have colourful front doors. That’s not by chance. It turns out that having a colourful front door is a way of bringing good luck. 

Most DIYers choose to paint their front doors in a glossy colour – even jet black or bright red. However, depending on the exterior theme of your property, you could also go for a range of pastel colours too. Light blue, for instance, can make for a stunning addition. 

What’s more, painting a front door is easy. You don’t need any special equipment. 

Fit Your Bathroom With New Panelling

Tiles were popular in the past. But if you take a look at many modern bathrooms, they all use panels. These are great for keeping out the moisture, and you don’t need any advanced skills to fit them. You can learn how to panel a wall in just a few minutes. It’s super simple. 

What’s more, it’s also incredibly cost-effective, often coming in at a fraction of the price of regular tiles. 

Anchor Your Rugs

Rugs are another tool that you can use to make your home look extraordinary. Start by arranging your furniture so that it sits on top of the rug. Then add sticky tacks to the bottom to stop it from moving out of place. Ideally, you want the coffee table in the middle, and then sofas around the edges with the front feet on the rug, and the back feet on the floor behind. If the sofas are uneven, you can place supports under the back feet. 

Make The Ceiling Look Taller

Another thing you can try is adding various features to the room to make the ceiling look taller. For instance, if you know how to hang curtains, you can place the rail higher than the window and allow the drapery to hang to the floor. This will add length to the room. You can also try hanging chandeliers and other elaborate light fittings from the ceiling. Again, this will help to increase the perceived height of the room.

Hang Statement Art

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If you have a simple wall in your home that is lacking colour or interest, then adding statement art can help to jazz it up a little. Large-scale art and photography can make a real difference. 

Put A Large Lamp In The Corner

You can also transform your property with something as simple as placing a large reading lamp in the corner. Stylish lamps work great behind corner recliners or armchairs. 

*This is a collaborative post.

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  • Another very good post, its the little things which makes a house a home, especially the personal touches. It also inspires others to think about how they can improve on what they have.

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