Make Self-Confidence Your Goal This Month

All parents need a confidence boost from time to time. Having babies can take it out of you physically, mentally & emotionally. And sometimes you’ll find yourself thinking about how much your body and lifestyle have changed. But of course, you wouldn’t swap it for the world. What you need is a little pick-me-up, some self-confidence, and here are 5 ways to get it:

Take A Course

When you’ve had to give up work, you start to lose confidence in your ability to face those workplace challenges again. But all you have to do is get yourself back out there and refresh your qualifications. Why not go back to college? It will give you the boost you need, and you’ll have the latest certification under your belt.

Style It Up

When was the last time you bought yourself a new outfit? Not a ‘mummy outfit’ for running to the shop. I’m talking about an outfit for going ‘out out’ What about your hair? Is it time for a new hairstyle? One of the best self-image boosts you can give yourself is a makeover. It makes you feel refreshed and just like new again. If you’re worried about your figure, why not check out these weight loss tips and set yourself a mini challenge for the month? Give yourself the boost you need and feel good about your mum tum. 

Start A Hobby

Learning a new skill, or going back to an old hobby is a great way to feel good about yourself. When you’re looking to boost your confidence, picking up right where you left off before you became a mum is ideal. It will prove to you that you can still be a mummy and still be you as well. It’s all about finding a balance. What did you used to love doing? Try and make an hour every week for some ‘me time’ It can be anything from going to the gym or even having a nice warm bath. Whatever you fancy. 

Get Out There

Nothing boosts confidence like a good workout. Yeah, you’ll be sweaty and probably ready to collapse on the floor but, you did it and next time it’ll be easier. Prepare for your new fitness program, and you’re more likely to stick with it. Sometimes it’s more about committing to the time than the hard work. Just remember, it only takes 12 minutes for those happy hormones to kick in. Push it to 15 and you’ve got yourself a workout you can be proud of. I always feel great after a work out its just a case of finding the time. 


Baby brain is a real thing, its no joke and it can be caused by missing out on quality sleep. Even with a reduction in your sleep, there are several techniques you can do to improve your focus. 

Relaxation exercises can help you control your breath and ease the tension in your muscles. Once you’re feeling more relaxed, you can set your goals for the future. Don’t forget to celebrate your achievements.


Enjoy the confident you again.




*this is a collaborative post.

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