Potty Training Essentials

My little girl turns 2 next week and despite her showing signs since 18 months old, we still haven’t fully started potty training. They say not to force it and to let them do it when they’re ready so that’s what we’re going to do. Alyssia can tell me when she’s done a wee and will often help herself to a pull up from the cupboard but she still doesn’t know when she is going to do one. I’m sure it’ll all come to her soon though, she’s still so young so I’m not worried at all. Now that she is on the go constantly and always running about, we have found that nappies just don’t work for us, we have to buy pampers pants or pull ups for them to actually hold her wee. I know we all have different experiences with different brands but pampers have been the best for us. I also find that pull ups are the best for night time as obviously they’ve got to wear them all night and there’s nothing worse than when they wake up soaking wet and you have to change them and the bed sheets. Its happened to us a few times so we decided to get Alyssia a waterproof under sheet, its great for protecting the mattress but doesn’t absorb anything so our next essential has got to be the bed protection sheets from Hartmann Direct.

They are great for absorption and actually seem to bring extra comfort so that’s always reassuring, I can imagine that these would also be pretty good for heavily pregnant women. They come in various sizes so aren’t just for children and also have different absorption limits depending on the needs of your child. We are thinking of getting Alyssia some ‘big girl pants’ soon, she seems to enjoy sitting on the potty and I think I’ll start by letting her wear them on home days to start with. She also enjoys sitting on the toilet training seat that we have, just before she has a bath I try and let her have a wee although she has never actually done it. She has done a wee on the potty once and that was at the hospital, I must admit it didn’t all go in the potty so if you haven’t got laminate flooring I would definetely invest in some towels that you can just throw down on the floor, oh and a big bottle of anti-bac. I wouldn’t recommend telling your child off if they have an accident, at the end of the day they are only young and they are learning. Instead try to reward them with stickers and show that doing a wee on the potty is a positive.

Top 10 Potty Training Essentials

Potty / Toilet training seat*

Pull ups

Bed Protection Sheets*

Mattress Protector



Anti Bacterial Spray

Steam Mop

Spare Clothes

Reward Stickers

We haven’t yet ‘properly’ started potty training yet so if there is anything that I have missed off the list please do leave them in the comments.

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