Reflecting on 2021 & Goals for 2022

Twenty twenty one, what a rollercoaster of a year. It was almost like a remix of 2020 but with a few added highlights.. I learnt a lot in 2021 and I feel like there was a lot of growth in my life. I started the year on a self discovery journey as someone who was trying their very best to better themselves but found it hard to find the time for myself whilst juggling home schooling my 5 year old, looking after my 2 year old and starting my business, Liss & Belle. I knew I needed to stay busy in order to keep my mental health in check so I put my everything into everyone else and somewhere along the way forgot that it was okay to put myself first too. Its easy to look back on the year and wish you did things differently but you wouldn't learn anything if you didn't make mistakes now and then.

So what did I learn in 2021? Quite a bit..

I said yes a lot in 2021 to make other people happy and so 2022 is all about saying yes to the things that make ME happy and saying no to the things that don't really float my boat.. something maybe we all need to learn to do now and again. Another thing I learnt in 2021 was that life is short and that not everything matters.. I learnt to let go of a lot, grudges, hard feelings and quite literally, stuff.. I learnt that unfortunately you can't always rely on other people to be there for you when you need them the most, maybe you don't feel strong enough to reach out and maybe they don't notice the signs but you need to find the strength inside yourself (trust me, its there) to pull yourself back up and be your own hero. I learnt to be grateful for the little things and to live more of a simple life.

Last year I wrote a small list of goals for 2021 and despite it being a whirlwind of a year, I achieved most of them so this year I've written more of a longer list and in more detail. I wont share them all on here as some are personal to me but here are a few:

- Make more time for myself and put myself first.
- Spend more time with the people who want to spend time with me.
- Write more, you'll be hearing more from me.
- Drink more water ~ already smashing this.
- Eat better.
- Stick to a skincare routine.
- Take vitamins daily.
- Save money.
- Make more money.
- Declutter regularly.
- Focus more on my business.
- See more sunsets.
- Make more memories with my family.

I'm grateful to 2021 for opening my eyes and for making me even more determined to make 2022 a better year. Do you have any goals for 2022?

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  • Knowing you Zoe, you will achieve your goals, some you already do regularly, you are an inspiration to many people, and me. Keep up the good work, and GO FOR IT!!! X

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