Storage Tricks for a Growing Family

There are two universal truths, one being nobody lives forever and the other being nothing stays the same. What worked last year might be totally frustrating this year, and that includes everything from the job you do to the food you eat or the way you organise your storage.

Storage can be surprisingly important. It’s one of those things we take for granted until there isn’t enough of it, or we need more and don’t have the space for it.

Growing families have constantly changing storage needs. Getting it right creates harmony and a peaceful lifestyle.

Toy Storage at Home

Some toys are played with every day while others have more occasional entertainment value.

For the things kids reach for all the time, make sure storage is easily accessible. You could install shelving at an age-appropriate height in bedrooms, with plenty of easy to reach baskets, or toy boxes with soft-close lids that won’t pinch little fingers.

While you want to encourage young children to make decisions and choices about toys and games, it’s also good to have storage that encourages them to put things away when they’ve finished. Storage they can reach does this. Of course, actually getting children to tidy up is another matter.

The things that only come out now and then can be stored in less accessible places, such as in storage furnishings like divan beds with space under the mattress, or shallow tubs that slide under a frame bed.

Absence Makes the Heart…

As kids grow and become more aware of the world around them, it’s not long before they also become aware of fashions and trends. The latest toy, game or accessory can become vital, only to be discarded just as fast.

The trouble is, these things are often expensive, especially when you’re talking about bigger play items, whether that’s in physical size or brand. Because fashions and interests tend to go in circles, you might end up getting rid of something only to find it it quickly in hot demand again.

A self storage unit can save the heartache of having got rid of items your child suddenly remembers loving and wants back. Meanwhile, it’s out of the house and not taking up precious space.

Another benefit of putting temporarily discarded items into self storage is the way they feel fresh again after a while. In fact, keep things for long enough and you can give grown up kids the gift of their beloved childhood teddy they’d thought was long gone.

Adaptable Living Spaces

As time moves on, how we use space at home changes too. Kids might need study areas, or maybe adults take up new hobbies or pastimes and need room for equipment.

Study areas in bedrooms can range from raised beds with desks built in under the sleeping platform, or fold down tables for a quick conversion when a work surface is needed.

If you need to make a desk or work area in the living room, try turning a bookcase out so it stands perpendicular to the wall. It works best if it’s a tall bookcase, but waist high units can be effective too. While it’s not a complete barrier to what else is happening in the room, it creates a psychological division between work and leisure. If it’s an open unit, alternate the ways the books face so it looks attractive from both sides, and include a few plants or ornaments for extra decoration. You could also use it to hold stationary or equipment such as the printer.

Use storage furnishings to keep hobby tools safe and together where you can find them. Lift top coffee tables or footstools, side tables with drawers or shelves or decorative chests can all be useful items to help keep the clutter down in a busy living room.

Changing with the Seasons

Other popular methods for managing a growing family’s changing storage needs include using a self storage room to hold out of season items. From clothing to garden and sports equipment, swings and trampolines, they all have seasonal uses. Finding space at home means they take up the storage space you’d otherwise have for the things you’re using.

Being adaptable and embracing the changes a growing family throws at you can be challenging. From investigating self storage to finding smarter ways to use space at home, figuring out how and where to put your gear frees up your mind so you can just get on with enjoying your ever-changing family life.

*This is a collaborative post.

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