To The One Who Called Me Mama First.


Mummy’s feeling sad today, a little bit guilty infact..

For things are changing, and I don’t want to let go,

I love our little routine and the days we spend together..

But things are changing and before long it wont just be me and you.


There will be another little person in the mix,

you will have to share your mummy and I know that’s not something you chose to do.

I feel guilty. I’m scared that you’ll feel like I don’t have time for you anymore when I have your little brother/sister..

but I promise, I will have time. I will always have time for you babygirl.


I know that you will love having a baby around the house and I know that you will be the best big sister ever

but I can’t help but feel guilty for all the changes happening around you.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for all the changes, but I promise you, they are good changes.

You are all I ever wanted alongside your little brother/sister.


A family to love and to hold, and now that I’ve got that, I feel complete.

The thought of you as a big sister melts my heart and I well up just thinking about it,

I cant imagine how my heart will feel when I get to see you both together.


I just want you to know that mummy loves you so much, more than anything in the world.

Nothing will ever change the way I feel about you.

You were the one who called me mama first, don’t ever forget that.

I love you.


Mama x

1 thought on “To The One Who Called Me Mama First.

  • Ohhh its beautiful I love it , why don’t you give it a border print it off and frame it for Aylissa, you can decorate it with hearts and things make it extra special so she will always have it. It could be hung on her wall, love you all xxx

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