Unconditional Love.

Happy Valentine’s to my first real love, my baby girl.

You think you know what love is when you’re a teenager but you don’t, not really, not until you have a child of your own. Not until you have someone running around shouting “I love you mummy” and demanding kisses (and food) all day long.

Alyssia never was the cuddly type, she always hated kisses and loved her own personal space but now that she’s growing up into a little girl she really has become my best friend. She is my world, my absolute sidekick and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. The love I have for my daughter is unconditional and nothing will ever change that.

Trust me, we have our days. Days where I find myself counting down the hours before bedtime. Days where I’ve had to put you on the naughty step 10 times because you just won’t listen, days where you cry and then mummy cries but we also have good days, Days full of laughter and smiles, Days where there’s just nothing better than being together.

Life knew what I wanted before I did and then you came along and changed my world for the better. Each day I thank my lucky stars for you. Happy Valentine’s Day to my first born, my baby girl x

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