2021 Goals

I always like to make goals for the new year, but with the ongoing pandemic I know that 2021 could well be similar to 2020. The difference is this time, we have an idea of what to expect and I find that reassuring. I am still going in with a positive mindset though and I wanted to share my goals, 1) so I actually work hard to achieve them knowing that people know my goals.. 2) so I can look back on them and 3) so that it gets other people sharing theirs and we can go into 2021 with something to focus on other than the pandemic..

1) Continue working on my mindset, healing my anxiety, practising the law of attraction and sharing what I’ve learnt with others. All of which I am super passionate about.

2) Do more self care – I got lots of lovely gift sets for Christmas and I can’t wait to use them. Its not very often that I actually make time for myself to have a bubble bath, I usually just jump in the shower but it’s nice to be able to relax for once.

3) Go on more adventures – we have already booked a little get away for spring 2021 so fingers crossed the world is in a better place by then covid wise and we can still go, it will be our first holiday as a family of four so I’m very excited for that.

4) Save money on my food shopping bill. Surely I cant be the only one who spends so much money on food? It all adds up that’s for sure! I’m trying to do one big shop a month and then top up shops as and when in a bid to save a bit of cash.

5) Get a bigger family car. This has been a goal of mine for a while but it just hasn’t happened for us yet, I am hoping to save enough to get one this year.

6) Spend more time with family / grandparents in particular – even if it means doorstep visits again on our daily walks or after lockdown has been lifted. Life is too short and we have missed out on so much this year.

7) Stress less. I have started to watch less of the news etc and just focus on ourselves and it has helped so much.

8) Some general healthy eating / living stuff, e.g – eat more fruit & veg, drink more water and buy less takeaways.. not only will this be good for me, it will be good for my bank balance too..

What are your 2021 goals? ✨

1 thought on “2021 Goals

  • Good luck with your positive goals, start as you mean to go on, always remember you can re-access, and amend. It doesn’t mean you stray from your goals, it simply means as situations change, you can make the changes, in order to stay on the same track, and achieve the same goals., maybe from a different direction. But knowing you, you will steer a straight course to your goal’s xxx

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