So, the girls are now sharing a bedroom and if you’ve been following me on social media you’ll know that I was super nervous about the transition from crib to cot let alone having her in a completely different room to me and also sharing with her three year old sister. I had been putting it off for a good few weeks as I just couldn’t come to terms with the fact that she would no longer be by my side, but we knew it was time to transition when she started to pull herself up on the side of her snuzpod crib. I started by putting her in the cot for naptimes, the first time we did it she cried & cried, understandably, she was in a new room, in a new cot, a much bigger cot for that matter. I felt awful but eventually she settled and went off to sleep snuggled up with her MyHummy listening to white noise. I did the same every day for a week and as it got easier, I decided to bite the bullet and let her go in with her sister. I ordered a video baby monitor on same day delivery and set it all up that night. Alyssia was so excited to have a ‘sleepover’ with Isabelle and it was so lovely seeing them in together.

The first night went much better than I thought it would. I wasn’t quite sure how to do it so I put Isabelle to bed first as Alyssia was still wide awake and I didn’t want her to distract her from falling asleep but Isabelle got quite upset and didn’t like being in a different room on her own. Alyssia decided she was ready for bed so I went in and read them both a bedtime story. I put the lights projector on like I do every night but again she got a little bit upset when I left the room. I was watching them on the monitor and Alyssia was trying to comfort her by singing to her. It was at that moment when all my worries went away and I knew that they would be just fine together. It took her around 40 minutes to settle the first night but she slept all night with no wake ups.

Going to bed on my own that night with no baby by my side was so very strange, I found it quite hard emotionally and I watched the baby monitor nearly all night. Waking up the next morning was the best thing, Alyssia was stood by Isabelles cot reading her a story and my heart just melted. I couldn’t believe that they’d slept the whole night and not woken eachother up even once. The second night was a different story.. although it only took 20 minutes for Isabelle to settle, Alyssia kept waking her up which is something I was worried would happen. They both eventually went to sleep though and again slept all night. The third night was a bit of a weird one, they were both out like a light which was amazing but Alyssia had a night terror which meant that they were both awake in the middle of the night. Isabelle went back to sleep with a bottle of milk which was good as I was worried she’d be up all night. Every night it got easier and they’ve both slept amazingly since being in together, they just love being around eachother and Isabelle seems to find comfort in having her big sister there with her which is so lovely and exactly what I’ve always wanted.

They’ve been in together for nearly 2 weeks now and its our new normal. They’ve always gone to bed at 7pm just in different rooms and now they’re in together they’re both sleeping so much better. I kept the snuzpod up in my room ‘just in case’ but we haven’t needed to use it and this past week she has learnt to sit up from lying down so the snuzpod will be being packed away this weekend. When one door closes another one opens. If you’re looking to move your little one into their own room or into a shared room with a sibling, my advice would be to transition them slowly by doing naptimes in the cot first. It has worked so well for us.

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