Casdon Hetty Deluxe Cleaning Trolley Review

When it comes to household chores, my girls always love to get involved expecially when it comes to vacuuming up and mopping the floors.

We recently recieved the Casdon Hetty Deluxe Cleaning Trolley to review and the girls absolutely love it. Alyssia especially – it couldn’t have come at a better time really. With her being off nursery because of the lockdown, it has given her something to do and of course a new toy is always something to smile about. We are very grateful, even more so at a time like this.

There are two Deluxe Cleaning Trolleys to choose from; Henry (Red) and Hetty (Pink).
We were very lucky to recieve Hetty and the girls were over the moon with their surprise delivery. We opened up the box and we had to build the trolley ourselves, as well as sticking the stickers on in the right places.

At first I was unsure (if you know me, you’ll know I’m rubbish at DIY) but the instructions were very easy to read and putting it all together took less than 5 minutes. The cleaning trolley comes with a mop and bucket, a hand held vacuum (with real suction which is cool – this requires AA batteries) two pretend spray bottles, a cloth, a dustpan and brush, a big brush and a small paper bag which I think is amazing. Alyssia’s favourite would definitely be the handheld vacuum, she’s fascinated and Isabelle’s would be the mop and bucket.

We absolutely love the Casdon Hetty Deluxe Cleaning Trolley and I think it’s great for both of their age groups, Alyssia is 4 and Isabelle is 1. The girls are very good at imaginative play and so weren’t too bothered that the spray bottles were pretend. They have their own toy kitchen so use the dustpan and brush in there just as I do in mine.

The cleaning trolley keeps them occupied whilst I’m cleaning and stops them from making more mess (which is amazing!). You can buy the Casdon Deluxe Henry or Hetty Cleaning Trolley from Amazon for £29.99.

*The Casdon Deluxe Cleaning Trolley was very kindly gifted to us for the purpose of this review.

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