AD Schwartz Beef Casserole Review

Are you a busy mum looking to make meal times that little bit easier? Then a Schwartz Recipe mix could be the way to go. We’ve been trying out the Schwartz Beef Casserole Mix and let me tell you, I have never tasted a casserole quite like it (even the children ate it and that’s saying something!). Buying the ingredients was easy as you really only need to buy three items; Beef, Carrots & an onion.

Buying the ingredients:

We popped to Tesco to buy some supplies for the week and decided we would give the Schwartz Sachets a go as they’re so easy but it also makes you feel like you’ve still made your family a meal from scratch. We chose the Beef Casserole as its so cold out at the minute and we wanted a warm dish. Served with roast potatoes and broccoli, it was perfect. I often buy the Schwartz sachets for convenience, I like to stock up on them as it makes meal planning a lot easier.

Getting the kids involved:

As a mum of two toddlers, I like to get them involved in the kitchen as much as I can. Particularly when it comes to cooking dinners so that they will eat it all up knowing that they helped mummy and made it themselves. My 3 year old got stuck in and helped me by passing me the ingredients that were needed and by mixing the sachet into the water.

How did I make it?

All I had to do was chop up the onion & carrots and then fry it all off alongside the diced beef. Drain any excess liquids, transfer to a casserole dish, pour over the mixed sachet and pop it into the oven for two hours. Easy peasy! As I said, I decided to serve ours with roast potatoes and broccoli so then peeled and chopped our potatoes and broccoli ready to go on to boil. I had quite a bit of time before I had to do anything else in terms of dinner so this gave me time to continue with day to day household chores like washing & tidying up before dinner time.

Taste test:

We all sat around the table and tucked into our beef casserole. The girls couldn’t get enough of it, they loved it and we all cleared our plates. It had so much flavour and I can’t quite believe it all came from one little sachet. We will definitely be buying the Schwartz beef casserole mix again as you can’t go wrong with four clear plates.

*this is a sponsored post. Schwartz have sent me the beef casserole mix for review, but all views are my own.

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