NEW: Aptamil Sensavia Follow On Milk Review

*This is an advertorial feature. I have been compensated for my time in writing it but this is an honest review and all content and opinions are my own.

We have been trying out the new Aptamil Sensavia Follow On Milk with broken down protein and have been asked to give an honest review of how we have found the transition from the old formulation to the new one.

Isabelle is 9 months old now and growing more and more every single day, with that in mind I try to make sure that she is getting all of the nutrients that she needs. The new Aptamil Sensavia Follow On Milk contains a blend of ingredients tailored to complement a baby's varied and balanced weaning diet from 6-12 months, so it is perfect for Isabelle's age group.

As a trusted well known brand, we started using Aptamil Follow On Milk three years ago with Alyssia, it worked really well for us and so it was a no-brainer when it came to choosing a Follow On Milk for Isabelle.

The transition from the old formulation to the Aptamil Sensavia Follow On Milk was completely seamless, Isabelle has been having 8oz bottles and finishes every bottle feed like a pro. She has around 3 bottle feeds a day at 9 months old which we make up using the prep machine, you can also make up the Aptamil Sensavia Follow On Milk by boiling a kettle and following the instructions on the back of the product.

What makes Aptamil Sensavia Follow On Milk unique?

I find that the most unique part of the new Aptamil Sensavia Follow On Milk formulation is that is it based on partially hydrolysed milk where the milk proteins are broken into smaller pieces, something that Isabelle seems to be enjoying and taking to really well.

Aptamil Sensavia Follow On Milk contains:

  • Essential Fatty Acids (ALA & LA) for normal growth and development. Benefit
    obtained from a daily intake of 2g ALA and 10g LA.
  • GOS/FOS (9:1)- a blend of Galacto- and Fructo-oligosaccharides

And it also contains:

  • Vitamin D which contributes to the normal function of the immune system
  • Iron to support normal cognitive development
  • Calcium needed for normal growth and development of bone

The Aptamil Sensavia Follow On Milk is designed to complement a varied and balanced weaning diet for babies aged 6-12 months.

Feeding Aptamil Sensavia Follow On Milk


Fun Fact: Did you know?

The new Aptamil Sensavia Follow On Milk has been developed by a passionate team of over 500 scientists and experts (amazing!) who are constantly searching for the best formulations that Nutricia's research has to offer, inspired by more than 40 years of breastmilk research and so I felt confident that this was the right product to introduce to my daughter, Isabelle.

First impressions of the Aptamil Sensavia Follow On Milk

At first I was a little bit sceptical about changing to the new Aptamil Sensavia Follow On Milk as I was unsure how she would react and was worried it would interfere with her sleep pattern but as I said above, the transition has been super easy and if anything, Isabelle is drinking her baby milk better than ever before and still sleeping really well. The only difference I have noticed is that the milk slightly separates when being prepared but I am aware that this is totally normal and just needs a shake.

I feel confident that she is getting the nutrients that she needs in order to grow and develop well and as a mum who has used Aptamil Follow On Milk with both babies and has had no issues, I'd definitely recommend it to parents who are bottle feeding their babies between 6 and 12 months.

I love the new packaging, it's a gorgeous blush pink and is so well designed. It has a clip to lock shut the tub, keeping it safe for longer. I feel like it's much more secure and great for if you need to take the tub out with you ensuring that there will be no spillages. Overall, I'm really glad that we changed to Aptamil Sensavia Follow On Milk and I will continue to use this product with Isabelle until she is 12 months old.

Have you seen the new Aptamil Sensavia Follow On Milk in store yet?


Disclaimer from Aptamil Sensavia Follow On Milk: IMPORTANT NOTICE: Breastfeeding is best for your baby. Follow On Milk should only be used as part of a mixed diet and not as a breastmilk substitute before 6 months. Use on the advice of your healthcare professional. Do not use if your baby has been diagnosed with a cows milk allergy.

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6 thoughts on “NEW: Aptamil Sensavia Follow On Milk Review

  • The formula you use must be the one Isabelle likes because she looks contented and she is growing up fast…. Like they say Mum knows best… X

  • This sounds perfect. We had such a tricky transition changing to a follow on milk with a different brand and I didn’t really know which else to choose. Mine are too old now but I’ll definitely recommend this to other people if they ever ask!

  • This sounds great! We plan on combi feeding whenever we have our next and I will definitely keep this brand in mind! I much prefer reading blog posts to help me make big choices like this as I prefer reading a real life account of what the product is like and this post has definitely put Aptamil up at the top of my list for when we are at the follow on stage next! X

  • This sounds great, we combi fed Emilia with Aptamil milk but never switched to the follow on. I’d definitely look into it with the next if combi feeding works well again.

  • This sounds great! Arthur’s moving on to follow on milk soon and I’ll definitely look at using Sensavia! Great review Zoe!

  • Can anyone help me or recommend anything that could possibly help? My son is 6 weeks old and has bad colic. Hes been on cow & gate formula and have been advised by a pharmacist to change to aptimal pepti 1. They will not give this on prescription as it’s too expensive!! The health visitor has told me to put him back on the cow & gate to make sure it is a milk allergy before they go any further with it. Hes now had 4 feeds back on cow & gate and seems very restless & agitated, unable to settle. Please help!!

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